Do you usually wind up your automatic mechanical watch manually?

An automatic watch is based on the general hand-wound watch with a mechanical part. The mechanical part includes an automatic rotor and an automatic wheel. The automatic watch is fully wound by the salesperson when it is sold. , the automatic rotor can add energy to the mainspring so that the mechanical watch can run normally.
We advocate that manual winding should be used as little as possible. Because the winding of the mainspring by hand requires the handle to drive many automatic wheels to rotate together, the mechanical parts are elementary to wear and tear, resulting in unnecessary maintenance costs.

Will the all-steel watch band show rust or discoloration?

There are many types of stainless steel, the main components of nickel and chromium, while strong acids and alkalis quickly erode nickel, chromium, and other elements. The sweat discharged from the human body contains hydrochloric acid. When wearing a watch, if it is often exposed to work or allowed to accumulate acid, alkali, and salt dirt without cleaning it in time, rust spots will gradually appear on the strap and other places, and black holes will also appear on the wristSmudge. This is mainly due to the contact of elements such as nickel in stainless steel with sweat or vinegar, bleach, correction fluid and other chemicals, chemical reagents, cosmetics, and other substances in the human body. The general treatment method is to scrub the strap with a soft toothbrush gently dipped in detergent, then dry it with a soft cloth or go to a brand-authorized repair station to clean it with an ultrasonic instrument.

How to solve the phenomenon of mechanical watch magnetization?

Once the watch is magnetized, it will suddenly go fast, even for 1-2 hours/per day. Usually, wearing mechanical watches should pay attention to staying away from magnetic fields, such as near audio, TV, mobile phones, and other electrical appliances. Magnetization is a relatively common phenomenon nowadays, and the solution is easy. You only need to go to the authorized maintenance department to demagnetize the watch with special equipment. The eye can be demagnetized in 30 seconds without affecting the watch’s performance.

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